Conscious Adventurer

We are ocean lovers, mountain lovers, and lovers of wild open spaces. We are surfers, hikers, campers, and backpackers. We are vanlifers, road trippers, and weekend warriors. We are yogis, meditators, and teachers. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. We are Conscious Adventurers. 

What we seek is to live a life lead by our hearts and not our minds. A life where kindness, compassion, and connection for all living things overrule individualism, corruption, and greed. We seek to lead a life where we understand that all things intertwine and intersect on this journey. That our decisions have impacts that reach far greater places than just what's in front of us.
We started the CA hashtag and the Conscious Adventurer Series on social media to unite our growing community of those seeking to make this world a healthier and kinder place. We're stoking the fire to rekindle the innate connection we all share.
So we ask you. What lights your fire and passion to make this world a better place? What does it mean to you to be a Conscious Adventurer?
"We give gratitude for our breath, we seek to feel, to know more, and we love in a way that unifies all. To be a Conscious Adventurer is to see beyond the physical world, while also firmly planting our feet in THE NOW, embracing the purpose and responsibilities that living a kind and AWAKENED LIFE brings."
Mr. & Mrs. Adventure
"Life itself is a grand adventure. To live that adventure consciously requires me to slow down and become engaged with all that supports me. To be in a relationship with all of life.  We are a culture starving for connection. To be a Conscious Adventurer is to be an unending quest to create connection no matter where we go or who we are with."
Madelyn Sullivan 

"Being a Conscious Adventurer, for us, means doing everything we can to protect those ecosystems that were here so long before us. It means to experience nature without leaving a trace. A Conscious Adventurer respects the incredible environments that fuel our passions and work to protect their futures."
Always the Road
"...Rather than build walls, travel breaks walls down. Rather than teaching us to reject the so-called strange, travel welcomes us to embrace it. Rather than perpetuating the rhetoric of differences, travel teaches us a universal language. Rather than telling us who we should be, travel reveals who we truly are. The Conscious Adventurer remembers this always."
Emory Hall

"Being a Conscious Adventurer means caring for both the people and places I encounter in everyday life. And I believe that starts with keeping an open mind rather than a closed one. Because that's when we better understand one another and really experience what life has to offer."
Gabrielle Nelson

"A Conscious Adventurer is not about the bucket list, the finish line, or the final destination. It's about living lightly, in step with your surroundings, and your inner state. It's about taking time to follow your curiosity, rambling down a dirt road for twenty miles, with no expectations, only wonder." 

The Van Project

"A Conscious Adventurer is a neutral observer rooted in passion and purpose. A person who lives with eyes wide open, a heart full of empathy and respect, a creative mind of discernment, noble hands of strength, and a vibrant soul woven by faith. They find beauty in the simplicity and bask in the ocean of camaraderie. A Conscious Adventurer is AWAKE and ALIVE; whole and complete in each moment."

Leia Marasovich