Conscious Adventurer


We are ocean lovers, mountain lovers, and lovers of wild open spaces. We are surfers, hikers, campers, and backpackers. We are vanlifers, roadtrippers, and weekend warriors. We are yogis, meditators, and teachers. We are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We are the Sea, we are the Land, and we are the People. We are Conscious Adventurers.  

What we seek is to live a life lead by our hearts and not our minds. A life where kindness, compassion, and connection for all living things overrule individualism, corruption, and greed. We seek to lead a life where we understand that all things intertwine and intersect on this journey. That our decisions have impacts that reach far greater places than just what's in front of us.       

We started the CA hashtag and the Conscious Adventurer Series on social media to unite our growing community of those seeking to make this world a healthier and kinder place. We're stoking the fire to rekindle the innate connection we all share with each other.   

So we ask you. What lights your fire and passion to make this world a better place?  What does it mean to you to be a Conscious Adventurer?