About Us

"I see a world in the future in which we understand that all life is related to us and we treat that life with great humility and respect." -David Suzuki

 Hello! My name is Matthew, and I'm the owner and founder of Be Kind Vibes. Thank you so much for taking the time to check us out. I started Be Kind Vibes in the fall of 2013 with zero experience in both the apparel industry and in running a small business. What I did have was a message and a dream to share that message with the world. After about three years of learning and growing with plenty of ups and downs, Be Kind Vibes has evolved into a platform and a brand that promotes and encourages kindness, unity, and positivity. It is my hope and dream to use Be Kind Vibes and our products as a vehicle to re connect with ourselves, with nature, and with each other.  

Each product we create comes with a call to action. A call to join our growing Tribe. To join a community that is embarking on a journey to enlighten, explore, and to adventure consciously. Together we can make a difference.

Thanks again for checking us out and for your continued support.