Eco Enclose

Eco Enclose

When I started Be Kind Vibes just over three years ago I made it a top priority to be as environmentally conscious as possible, from the top down. Every decision was made with the Earth in mind. From the types of fabrics we use, to the way they're printed, from our business cards, to hang tags, and all the way down to packaging and shipping.

As e-commerce continues to grow,  packaging waste becomes more and more of an environmental concern. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, containers and packaging accounted for 30%, or 75.2 metric tons of total solid waste generated in the US in 2012. With the knowledge and a strong desire to change, a growing number of businesses are working towards new ways of packaging that are less harmful to the environment.

After weeks of searching the internet for eco-friendly ways to ship our products, I finally found the unicorn in the packaging industry, Eco Enclose . Based out of Colorado, Eco Enclose basically invented the Earth-Friendly Shipping category. Every single one of the products offered in their shop has been given a thumbs up from Mama Earth before they hit the shelves.

Our packaging of choice is the 100% recycled poly mailer. Perfect for shipping tees, tanks, and any kind of textile in between. This poly mailer is made in the USA from 100% recycled content, and features a double adhesive strip which allows our tribe members to reuse the mailer after they unpack their Be Kind Vibes goodness. Needles to say, we're super pumped on Eco Enclose and all they do for this beautiful planet of ours.

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