Of the Earth, From the Earth

Be Kind Vibes camp hat and naturally-dyed bandana

Of the Earth, From the Earth is our latest small-batch collection featuring hemp and organic cotton bandanas made in San Diego, and naturally dyed with native San Diego plants. We are so stoked to have teamed up with two of our good friends for this collection. Natural textile designer and dyer Kristin Morrison-Marks from All Species, and Kumeyaay iPai Waipuk clan activist, artist, and musician Paul Cannon from Iron Sage Wood. Below is a collection of images taken during the forage and dye process, along with words from both Kristin and Paul about their connection to the plants and the process.

Land-Based Garments - For the regeneration of our Earth.

"What if our garments reflected the land on which we live in a way that brings each of us into a deeper connection with nature?

What if the color and threads we derived from our native plants were not only a source of medicine, color, and fiber for garments, but they also provided support that helps our Earth to regenerate?

As a dyer, designer, and naturalist I do believe we can create in a way that is not only better but in a way that benefits our Earth and All of its Species. By simply taking time to observe and spend time in wild places, connecting to the place on which we live, we not only receive from the experience, but we give back to nature by deepening our relationship to her." -Kristin Morrison-Marks

"As a descendant of a first nations people, I have been taught from a young age to respect the earth and all living creatures. That each is a gift from a higher source and can be used as food and medicine. I have long-lasting respect and admiration for the unseen powers of these plants that surround us on a daily basis.

In a modern western society we tend to be focused on point A to point B, but if we spend time being still in nature we find that all we need is already provided. I enjoy learning more and more every day about our Native plants, shrubs, and trees.

 The plants we foraged for the bandanas include California Sagebrush, Buckwheat, and California Lilac.

The CA sagebrush is used by my people, the Kumeyaay, to treat and heal bug bites. We would grind the leaves of this sagebrush and then apply the poultice to the infected area. This plant was also useful in puberty ceremonies for women. The leaves are also dried out and smoked, similar to tobacco leaves.

Buckwheat is used by the Kumeyaay people to alleviate stomach problems. It can also be used as a food that aids in lowering cholesterol. The flowers are edible when they turn a dark reddish-brown color.

 Ceanothus aka California Lilac is used by The Kumeyaay people to relieve skin conditions. We boil the leaves and berries of the Ramona Lilac. We give an offering before taking to acknowledge the circle of our existence and be grateful in mind and heart for all the gifts of this earth.

Stay Blessed, eyay ahun." -Paul Cannon - iPai Kumeyaay Waipuk clan

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