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Eco Enclose

When I started Be Kind Vibes just over three years ago I made it a top priority to be as environmentally conscious as possible, from the top down. Every decision was made with the Earth in mind. From the types of fabrics we use, to the way they're printed, from our business cards, to hang tags, and all the way down to packaging and shipping. As e-commerce continues to grow,  packaging waste becomes more and more of an environmental concern. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, containers and packaging accounted for 30%, or 75.2 metric tons of total solid waste generated in the US in 2012. With the knowledge and a strong desire to change, a growing number of businesses...

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Carabiner Coffee

Recently we stumbled upon Carabiner Coffee on Instagram. To say the least, after a few minutes of scrolling through Erik's feed we found ourselves inspired. Erik lives each day to the fullest, and the mission behind the brand goes much deeper then what first meets the eye. The photos on Erik's feed are more then just beautiful photos. If you continue on to read the messages below, you'll find that Carabiner Coffee is much more then just.. coffee. Where did the idea to start Carabiner Coffee Co. come from? After years of being a climbing instructor, mountain bike guide and snowboard instructor I found myself in the mountains of CO wondering what I was going to do next. I wanted...

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Desert Tower

The van was loaded up with camping gear, two pups, and good friends. We headed out east with conscious adventures on the horizon. The road twisted and turned away from the ocean and up to the high desert. We spent the next couple days in solitude with nature.  Covered by the warmth of the sun at day, and blanketed by clear starry skies at night. This is the Desert Tower.    

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